Support Centres

Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

ISP has a full-fledged regulatory department that provides regulatory support for existing suppliers and prospective principals. Liaison with the concerned authorities on Company/ Product registration, Import clearances, Licensing etc are capably managed by the Regulatory department, a strong support centre of ISP operations. Adherence to MOH norms and compliance to administrative procedure is ensured by this department.

The vastness of the country makes distribution a challenging task. ISP is fully geared to execute the importation, warehousing and distribution functions with an organized storage and supply system highlighted below:

Service Planing
  • A Full-fledged warehouse in Muscat, covering an area 2400 Sq Mts.
  • Centrally located in capital, very close to the Sultan Qaboos Port.
  • Two more full-fledged Warehouses in Sohar and Salalah.
  • Centrally air-conditioned & temperature is always maintained below 24 degrees Celsius
  • A chiller unit to store goods of 2-8 degrees Celsius.
  • Deliveries are done through 8 temperature controlled vans.
  • Standards laid down by ISO 9001:2008 for Storage & Distribution are followed.
  • Own fleet of 19 delivery trucks & vans.


A proficient team manages the commercial operations that act as an effective interface between suppliers and distribution. Assuring conformity to import norms, Liaison with customs and clearance departments and coordination with Freight forwarders working in tandem with Regulatory the ISP Logistics team handle in excess of 600 imports annually from air and sea ports besides smaller shipments arriving by road / courier


Prudent policies and professionally managed systems contribute to the high degree of operational success of ISP. Supported by able staff, the Finance and Administrative functions are vital arms of the organization


Information Systems Department is one of the support centers in ISP which is driven by state-of –the-art technology. Competent team supports all departments to coordinate supply and distribution, procurement , order management and financial accounting systems with Oracle based ERP Solutions. Latest networking technology adapted for connecting various locations with corporate office for Data Management ,business processes and efficient information systems. Information Systems strictly adhere IT Policy and standard practices to protect data and hardware.